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If you live on the water, you most likely have a water vessel; a boat, jet ski, or canoe that you enjoy. A boat ramp or launch is a ramp on the shore by which water sport vessels can be moved to and from the water. They are used for launching and retrieving boats, jet skis, or canoes on trailers towed by an automobile.


When selecting and evaluating a site as a potential boat ramp, consideration must be given to accessibility - proximity to other boat ramps, water depths, siltation rates, and usable land area.


Concrete for ramps poured at the site are 5000 psi, properly consolidated, screeded, and bull floated for structural integrity. Rebar installed is 60 grade, placed 24”, the slab is at least 6 inches thick.  Concrete is finished with a surface rough enough to provide good traction.

Boat Ramps

Boat Docks

Aaron Concrete Inc. uses only the highest quality building materials available for boat dock construction. When you hire us to build your dock, we will present multiple design ideas to match the look that you want. Whether the dock is stationary or floating, wood or concrete, we can handle it all.


Aaron Concrete Inc.  will construct it with the highest level of craftsmanship and professionalism. We have over 12 years of experience and knowledge and offer annual maintenance as well as additional dock services. Pressure treated lumber is typically the most economical type of decking that we install. Our floating docks make for an easy and safe transition from a fixed dock to your boat, or provide an extremely stable platform for relaxing by the water in the afternoons.


Our additional services include the construction and repair of docks, ramps, concrete seawalls, davits, pilings, retaining walls, rip-rap, erosion control, walkways, outdoor decks, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and gazebos.


Outdoor kitchens are quickly becoming the hottest trend in outdoor entertaining. A well-designed outdoor kitchen will provide added living space to your existing property and could possibly increase the value of your home, if installed correctly by a professional.


Whether you're a grill master or just a person who loves to cook, why not take your outdoor cooking experience to the next level? Let Aaron Concrete Inc.  design and build your custom outdoor kitchen. You will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Concrete ramps that you will enjoy for years

Other Services That We Provide:

  • Floating dock

  • Stationary dock

  • Davits


Aaron Concrete Inc. encourages all of those who own a waterfront property to get out and enjoy time on the water!


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