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If you are fortunate enough to live on the water (various canals or man made lakes, ponds and rivers), you understand how important it is to protect your most valuable investment - your property.  The effect of rain and tidal forces alone cause millions of dollars in property damage, and an unstable seawall is often the cause of damage that could otherwise have been prevented.  Most seawalls and/or retaining walls were built many years or even decades ago and are now in a state of failure mainly due to improper drainage and the normal lifespan of substandard concrete used at the time.  Over the years many advancements have been made in the areas of concrete manufacturing, reinforcement, formwork, weather-proofing and the common problem of erosion on seawalls. Aaron Concrete Inc. provides custom engineered solutions for erosion problems and damage pertaining to your seawall, with special regard to proper drainage, footers, anchor-blocks, and tie-backs.

  • What is the integrity of your seawall?

  • Is your seawall in danger of failure or already in a state of failure?

  • Are you in need of seawall repair?

Protect your most valuable investment

Your seawall contractor specializing in:

One distinctive goal here at Aaron Concrete Inc. is to continue to utilize new methods and products to better serve our customers.  One major focus is on existing concrete or block walls.  Here at Aaron Concrete Inc. we strive to provide owners with a stronger, more economical, superior wall system.  


We at Aaron Concrete Inc. have different techniques of seawall installation depending on different factors – to name just a few - budget, location, extent of deterioration, erosion, etc.


On some occasions it may be necessary to utilize CAST IN PLACE methods.  These Cast in Place Seawalls are poured onsite in one continuous operation for maximum integrity, and are also superior to other standard seawalls on the market incorporating a new footer technique for outstanding system performance and structural integrity. We use only superior quality reinforced concrete and materials for your seawall modules and cap. Most importantly, we apply the before-mentioned proprietary pouring techniques and engineered drainage solutions to create an exceptional product to protect your property.


Another technique would be SHOTCRETE

Here at Aaron Concrete Inc., our patent pending double wall with drainage and anchors contain a material that exhibits superior hardened properties to high quality conventional concrete, such as high strength, low permeability and high durability – the shotcrete system.


What is shotcrete? Shotcrete is pneumatically applied concrete.  It is a low slump concrete that is blown onto the receiving surface after mixing with compressed air.  Shotcrete is essentially a version of a cast-in-place concrete wall devoid of pouring concrete into forms.  The concrete has a relatively low water/cement ratio, high cement content, and typically small aggregate not exceeding pea gravel size.  High compressive strengths in excess of 5,000 psi are commonly attained.


What is the process? Aaron Concrete Inc. begins with excavation in front of existing footer / wall; Aaron Concrete Inc. then epoxies structural rebar into existing footing then we install a 24” x 30” structural footing encompassing galvanized woven wire mesh capped with rebar then existing wall is prepped to accept new shotcrete process.  Once shotcreted wall is hard troweled finished leaving a water-proof seawall with a durable finish.  Drains are installed, anchors are secured, minimal excavation behind existing wall, minimal damage to property, clean fill dirt if needed, total job cleanup is performed.


How is it done? All concrete material, including water, are thoroughly mixed and dispatched into the concrete truck where it is then transferred to a shotcrete pump.  Wet material is pumped to the nozzle where compressed air is added to provide high velocity for placement and consolidation of the material.  Concrete is sprayed onto existing wall with steel reinforcement that has been erected in front of the existing wall.  A nozzleman applies wet concrete from a pressurized hose to encompass the reinforcement and build up the wall thickness.  Finishes are often applied directly to the concrete while it is still wet.  After finishing, the concrete must be cured for a period of at least seven days.


What are the benefits?  Superior strength and durability, sustainability, minimum excavation and damage to your property, very little formwork, elimination of costly equipment, reduction in labor costs, no need for costly removal of your existing wall, ability to access restricted space and difficult to reach areas, adaptability to repair walls that are not cost effective, reinforced concrete, stabilization of existing wall, speed of project.


Is there a warranty?  Absolutely. Aaron Concrete Inc. offers a 10 year warranty.

Stronger, more economical, superior wall systems

If you're uncertain DON'T WAIT, give Aaron Concrete Inc.a call today for a free assessment ! Aaron Concrete Inc. - your seawall contractor specializing in:

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New methods and products


If you're uncertain DON'T WAIT, give Aaron Concrete Inc. a call today for a FREE assessment!


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